By this scheme our customers can order the product from us and they can sell it to our team at any selling station in india.There are many people who are new in this business and want to invest the money in this field, by this scheme they can invest the money to our company and our team are experienced enough to purchase the product and sell it to best place in the country where the demand of the product is very high.In this case our company only help the customer to support him if he want any support from us. At the end because this field is related to daily market ups and down,so the risk of market is totally of customer and only we can help or guide him according to our experience.So,any person who is new in this field can work according to this scheme.

Customer can also book order by paying thought our bank account given below:

Maa tara fruits company

State bank of india

A/c: 39501851987

IFSC code:SBIN0051372

Phone pay/g pay/UPI:9805827025

Note: Payment other than this account is not acceptable for order booking.After order booking customer can pay remaining payment directly to our farmers/manufacturers suggested by us.